Internships & Volunteering

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Not only do we provide the best care for our community's children, but we feel we must also provide an avenue where students can have the opportunity to manifest a career path within our organization. Our internship and volunteer program is a robust platform in which students gain knowledge and first-hand experience within one of our medical facilities or community activities.

Our program is seasonal and correlates with the time of year when schools and colleges are out for the summer break. Under our internship part of the program, we offer Business Office roles as well as Hearing & Vision Screening Assistant and under our volunteering program, we offer the role of a Patient Greeter Volunteer.

Pathways for Success

Internships at Pediatric Associates

Come and join our team during our busiest time of year, we call it a back-to-school season! During this time we are making sure that patients have completed the physicals that are needed for re-entry to school. The Hearing & Vision Screening Assistant's main function is to perform hearing and vision screening for our patients. In addition to other duties, the role is highly regarded by our team members at each of our office locations.

Check Availability Hearing & Vision Screening Assistant Job Description

Volunteering with Pediatric Associates Foundation

Our foundation gives students the ability you get involved with our community events and also within our office locations. Pediatric Associates Foundation's core is to provide education regarding swim and bike safety. Along with other scholastic themes, the role of the Patient Greater Volunteer is to facilitate creative and educational activities with patients while they are waiting to be seen.

Check Availability Virtual Patient Greeter Volunteer

Why intern or volunteer with Pediatric Associates?

  • Access to world-class mentorship
  • Get valuable hands-on experience
  • Broaden your skill set
  • Learn about your future career
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Make a difference in our patients experience

Special Notice

Due to COVID-19, we will also be offering a Virtual Volunteering opportunity. If interested, this activity involves reading or doing art and craft exercises while being recorded. These will be converted to story or craft time video segments that will be aired in our waiting areas and social platforms. Content and activities will be provided by the Foundation.